Sociedade de Usuários da Tecnologia Java

US JUGs Tour


SouJava is running a tour around the US, with the support of Oracle, MassiveGRID, Jelastic and Tomitribe.


We will visit several Java User Groups in 10 cities across 6 states!

In each, we’ll do interviews with Java Champions, JUG Leaders and JCP Spec Leaders and Experts. We’ll discuss Java 9, Java EE 8, Cloud Computing, NoSQL, the Developer Career and much more!

Come join us! Impressive content, online and in your city!


The trip will be a long and fun one, and we are looking to see you on the way. You can join us in each city if you are close by. But you can also follow us online, and get great LIVE content along the way.

Register to Join Us!

We’ll broadcast cool online content during the whole tour. You can’t miss it!

And if you are near any of the cities, come say hello.






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