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JCP face to face Meeting – SouJava and Totvs

SouJava and Totvs are working together to host the face to face meeting and receive the JCP Executive Committee in São Paulo, Brazil. Supporting this meeting are two non-profit organizations that work together with SouJava — SEPROSP, the Association of IT Companies of São Paulo and Sucesu, the Society of Users of IT and Telco.

Here is the information about the face to face meeting that will happen in Brazil, in May, 2012. This information is provided so the members of the JCP Executive Committee can better prepare their trip to Brazil.


  • JCP Face to face  – May 16, 17
  • JustJava Event (São Paulo) – May 18 ,19
  • JUGs events around the same time
    • CEJUG (Fortaleza) – May 11, 12
    • JavaBahia (Salvador) – May 23
    • SouJava Rio and RioJUG (Rio de Janeiro) – May 21
    • MedianeiraJUG (Medianeira) – May 23-15


The venue, offered by SEPROSP, is very well positioned, in a noble area of São Paulo, and inside a complex that offers hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and stores.

  • SEPROSP – Sindicato das Empresas de Processamento de Dados e Serviços de Informática do Estado de São Paulo
  • Address:
    • Rua Professor Tamandaré Toledo, 69 3. andar
    • 04532-020 – Itaim Bibi – São Paulo – SP
    • Phone: +55 11 2165-1300
  • Map


The closest hotel to the venue is situated in the same complex as SEPROSP, so you can reach the meeting venue without leaving the complex.

  • Staybridge Suites
  • Address
    • Rua Bandeira Paulista, 555
    • 04532-011 – São Paulo – SP
    • Tel.: +55 11 3706 6600
  • Other hotels in the area
    • (coming soon – we’re visiting hotels in the area to offer other suggestions)


The JCP face to face meeting will happen right before the JustJava event, and all EC members are invited to attend the event. JustJava is a 800+ developers conference, that focus on professional Java developers.

  • dates: May 18, 19
  • talks at JustJava
    • several EC members asked to present talks at JustJava
    • see the agenda to know when your talk will be held
  • Venue
    • Address: Avenida Engenheiro Eusébio Stevaux, 823 – Campo Grande, Sao Paulo, 04696-000
    • Phone: +55 (11) 5682-7300
    • About 40 min from suggested hotel
  • Map

JUG Visits

Some JUGs are doing events near JustJava. If you would like to participate in some of those initiatives, SouJava can help you by contacting the JUG and requesting a slot for your presentation. Please, help support the Brazilian Java Community by attending one or more of those events.

  • CEJUG (Fortaleza)
  • JavaBahia (Salvador)
    • May 23
    • Salvador, BA (beautiful beach city in the northeast of Brazil)
  • SouJava Rio and RioJUG (Rio de Janeiro)
    • May 21
    • Rio de Janeiro, RJ (beautiful beach city, 45 min flight from São Paulo)
  • MedianeiraJUG (Medianeira)

Travel Information

  • Arriving in São Paulo
    • Airport Code: GRU – Guarulhos International Airport
    • expect 1:30-2 hours commute time to hotel, more if rush hours
  • Domestic travel (if you want to go to a JUG or to visit another city)
    • Airport Code: CGH – Congonhas International Airport
    • fast commute from hotel: 30 min
  • Public transportation
    • There is no subway to the airports
    • There is a bus that connects both airports


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